Sunrise: Wrong Site

Say No to a massive commercial development on a residential lot in the Tenleytown, DC neighborhood.

Honor Zoning.


Sunrise: Wrong for the lot and wrong for the neighborhood

Sunrise Corporation wants to jam the facility together with an existing church onto the same small lot.

They are requesting an extraordinary amount of exceptions and variances from the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment - because they could otherwise not build a massive commercial building on a small residential lot.

The building would tower over adjacent homes and overpower the neighborhood comprised entirely of single-family homes.


Get Involved

The development plan has drawn the opposition of hundreds of neighbors.

Here is what you can do.


Sign the Petition

The development proposal for this massive facility is currently in front of the DC Board of Zoning Adjustments that has to decide whether to grant the numerous variances and exceptions that Sunrise is demanding. Almost 250 of your neighbors have signed a petition to the BZA, opposing this facility.

Put up a Yard Sign

You probably have seen the yard signs around Tenleytown. We have beautiful FREE yard signs for you - and we even deliver them to your door!

Show the neighbors and the developers that you, too, are opposed to this massive overuse of a residential property in Tenleytown.

Make a Donation

The Tenleytown Neighbors Association is one of the parties opposing the development. Make a tax-deductible donation towards legal and outreach expenses to this nonprofit organization.